Book Blurb for Arathia: The Daughters of Forever, vol. 1

I am the daughter of Aefre & Constantine. I am twenty-one years old, but have only known my father for two years. My big sister is trouble and the heir to the Dragon Realms. My little sister is in exile in the Fae Kingdoms, sent there by my mother for her protection from my father. My baby brother demands all of the attention, so where does that leave me? I am a rule-abiding, Vampire-Dragon-Faerie-Human girl whose only friend is a Wolf. I am in forbidden love with a ghost, I have been a prisoner in my own home all my life with powers that are dangerous and growing ever stronger as each day passes. I am Arathia Eternal Aquila, and this is my story.

What could possibly go wrong?

FREE Feb 24th & 25th!! DEMON BOUND: Bound Series, Book One

After being found back on Earth and sentenced to eternity in a fiery prison down in Hell, the Demon, Axelle, suddenly finds herself pulled out of her misery by the Devil himself. He gives her a body, a crappy job and an even crappier apartment, but she doesn’t really know why. All she knows is that she was taken out of one prison and put in another. One that makes her fire cell all the more appealing.

Her duller than dull job is made that much worse by hours of boredom–sheer torture for a hell-raiser such as herself–not to mention the colleagues she has to deal with, but then as the Devil, Luc, starts to take an unusual interest in her she starts to see the pluses of her existence.

Luc puts Axelle through a series of tests to see if she is worthy of an honor he has searched centuries for. No one has even come close to giving him what he wants, but when Axelle starts to defy the odds that are stacked so vehemently against her, his feelings towards her become more than just about the end result. It catches him off guard and his self-induced celibacy towards her makes his struggle even worse for a creature of no restraint.

When Axelle is finally told why she has endured these trials and what is yet to come, her loyalty to her creator waivers and while he struggles to keep his hold on her, she has other ideas that don’t include Luc and his plans. Will she manage to escape the pits of hell for an unheard of third time? Or will she be stuck in the Devil’s idea of happily-ever-after?

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FREE today (Saturday Feb 24th)! Revelations: The Forever Series, Book 3

Book 3 in the Forever Series. Liv is gaining control of her true powers, a change that begins to alter her sense of identity. Revelations she has pushed for, come to pass, but Liv realizes that learning of her past has only made it catch up with her.

As she learns more about the mysterious stranger, the man that terrifies her the most comes back into her life, but she is determined to finish him once and for all.,

As new developments arise, Liv and the three men she loves work together to bring the future they desire to reality as a declaration is made that will forever change their lives. Old enemies and new friends all make for an exciting new chapter in Liv’s life but does she have the strength to see it through?


Revelations Cover


FREE this weekend! Erotic Romance novel: Tangled

Alex Monaghan was doing great with his life until his new boss walked into it. Cassandra Bellingham was beautiful, young and successful, but little did he know she had another side to her that he couldn’t understand and a mysterious, brooding lover, Rex, that he knew nothing about. He was drawn to her, as she was to him and even though she was forced to keep her secrets for a variety of personal and professional reasons, she remained torn between Rex and Alex. These two men who each gave her what she wanted, but in very different ways. As their involvement with each other got deeper, so did the twist.

Love found and lost, a friend’s betrayal, family with shady dealings, a housekeeper with a grudge and a broken man looking for his redemption but in the wrong place, sees six lives tangled together in an intricate web that nobody expected, and that changes all of their lives forever. Will it be for better or for worse?

** Contains scenes of light BDSM intended for mature readers only.** Formerly called “Lives Entwined”

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