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The fifteenth book of the Forever series see Aefre go through some changes with the way she sees things, including her relationships, which has an effect on the men in her life. As she loses two of her husbands, she gains a new daughter that she is fiercely protective over, but will her baby’s father let her be a proper mother to her?

She finally confronts her father about the child she lost, but it doesn’t go according to plan, nor does her trip to the Light Fae to face the consequences of Sebastian’s death tied in with a rescue mission to save Cade from their clutches, causing her to seek solace in the arms of the one man she knows she should stay away from.

Unfortunately, an old lover makes his intentions to stick around known, which confuses Aefre, and her other men, about his place in her life.

Enemies from the past show their faces and Aefre isn’t afraid to show them exactly how much she has changed, much to the delight of her blood-thirsty husband. But when one creature she knows she has to kill once and for all shows up, it results in a fight to the death. But whose?

Find out in the Forever series: The Final Chapter, Vol. 1!

Volume 2 – Coming Soon!

Review: Murder to Go (Food Truck Mysteries, Book 1)

4 Stars!

I enjoyed this. It was a quick, easy read with a good mystery to it. Characters needed a bit more depth, but I suppose this will come with later books?? I will carry on with the series as I enjoyed Kendrick’s writing style and story-telling.