Books by Eve

List of Eve Newton’s Books

Demon Queen Series:

Hell’s Belle, Book 1 Buy Now

Pandora’s Box, Book 2 Buy Now

Belle’s Hell, Book 3 Pre Order – November 19th

Bound Series Trilogy (RH) Completed Series:

Buy Now

The Forever Series Box Sets (RH) Completed Series:

Books 1-5 Buy Now

Books 6-10 Buy Now

Books 11-15 Buy Now

The Dark Fae Kingdom Series (RH):

The Dark Fae Princess, Book 1 Buy Now

Dark Fae’s Desires, Book 2 Buy Now

Dark Fae’s Secrets, Book 3 Buy Now

Fae Goddess Rising, Book 4 Pre Order now – Jan 25th 2021

Books in the Forever Series (RH):

Forever & The Power of One (Book 1 & 2) Buy Now

Revelations (Book 3) Buy Now

Choices (Book 4) Buy Now

The Ties That Bind (Book 5) Buy Now

Trials (Book 6) Buy Now

Switch & Empress Aefre (Book 7 & 7.5) Buy Now

Secrets (Book 8) Buy Now

Betrayal (Book 9) Buy Now

Sacrifice (Book 10) Buy Now

Conflict & Obsession (Book 11 12) Buy Now

Wrath (Book 13) Buy Now

The Other Liv (Book 13.5 – spin-off novella) Buy Now

Revenge (Book 14) Buy Now

Changes & Forever After (Book 15) Buy Now

Forever Series Extras:

Arathia (Book 16) Buy Now

Constantine (Book 17) Buy Now

The Dragon Heiress (Delinda’s Story) Buy Now

The Dark Fae Princess (Savannah’s Story) Buy Now

The Husbands of Forever (Book 18)

The Dragon Realms Series (RH):

The Dragon Heiress, Book 1 Buy Now

Claiming the Throne, Book 2 Buy Now

A Baby Dragon for Christmas (now included in the upcoming Dragon Empress)

The Dragon Empress, Book 3 Pre Order – Sept 24th 2020

The Early Years Series:

Aefre & Constantine: Vol.1 & Vol. 2 Buy Now

The Bound Series (RH):

Bound: The Bound Series Prequel

Demon Bound: Bound Series, Book One Buy Now

Demon Freed: Bound Series, Book Two Buy Now

Demon Returned: Bound Series, Book Three – Buy Now

Enchained Hearts Series (RH) Completed Series:

Lives Entwined: Enchained Hearts, Book 1 Buy Now

Lives Entangled: Enchained Hearts, Book 2 Buy Now

Lives Endangered: Enchained Hearts, Book 3 – Buy Now

Circle of Darkness Series

Wild Hearts: Book One Buy Now

Savage Love: Book Two Buy Now

Tainted Blood, Book Three: A Novella Buy Now

Darkest Desires, Book Four – Coming Soon