Books by Eve

List of Eve Newton’s Books

Books in the Forever Series:

Forever & The Power of One (Book 1 & 2)

Revelations (Book 3)

Choices (Book 4)

The Ties That Bind (Book 5)

Trials (Book 6)

Switch & The Other Switch (Book 7 & 7.5)

Secrets (Book 8)

Betrayal (Book 9)

Sacrifice (Book 10)

Conflict & Obsession (Book 11 & 12)

Wrath (Book 13)

The Other Liv (Book 13.5 – spin-off novella)

Revenge (Book 14)

Changes & Forever After (Book Fifteen)

Arathia (Book Sixteen)

Constantine (Book Seventeen)

The Dragon Heiress (Book Eighteen) Buy Now

The Dragon Realms Series

The Dragon Heiress, Book 1 Buy Now

The Early Years Series:

Aefre & Constantine: Vol.1 & Vol. 2

The Bound Series:

Bound: The Bound Series Prequel

Demon Bound: Bound Series, Book One

Demon Freed: Bound Series, Book Two

Demon Returned: Bound Series, Book Three Demon Returned

Circle of Darkness Series

Wild Hearts: Circle of Darkness, Book One Buy Now

Standalone Novels:

Lives Entwined: A Reverse Harem Standalone  Lives Entwined

The Art of Deception