List of Eve Newton’s Books

Books in the Forever Series:

Forever (Book One)

The Power of One (Book Two)

Revelation (Book Three)

Choices (Book Four)

The Ties That Bind (Book Five)

Trials (Book Six)

Switch (Book Seven)

The Other Switch (Forever Series Spin-off novella)

Secrets (Book Eight)

Betrayal (Book Nine)

Sacrifice (Book Ten)

Conflict (Book Eleven)

Obsession (Book Twelve)

Wrath (Book Thirteen)

The Other Liv (Book Thirteen and a half – spin-off novella)

Revenge (Book Fourteen)

Changes: The Final Chapter, Vol. 1 (Book Fifteen – The Final Chapter vol. 1)

Forever After: The Final Chapter, Vol. 2 (Book Sixteen – The Final Chapter vol. 2)

The Early Years Series:

Aefre & Constantine: Vol.1

Aefre & Constantine: Vol. 2

The Bound Series:

Bound: The Bound Series Prequel

Demon Bound: Bound Series, Book One

Demon Freed: Bound Series, Book Two

Book Three – Coming late 2018

Standalone Novels:


The Art of Deception