Pandora’s Box is LIVE!

While trying to figure out how to fix what Shax has broken with my Kingdom, I’m thrown into a maelstrom of events that lead me to a whole lot more than just the box that I’m seeking. I soon realize that my brother is keeping secrets, ones that hurt me and surprise me.

As a new player catches my eye, and soon becomes an integral part of my circle, I discover that her presence has severe implications for not only one of my men, but for all of us. My circle is exciting, adventurous and sometimes dangerous, but that only feeds my dark desires. They are there for me at every turn, especially when it becomes very clear what I have to do. The spell to destroy my enemy has a very special ingredient, but it’s something that I vowed I would never do. Can I get past my own fears to make this work?

Join Annabelle and her men in the 2nd book of this dark and dirty Reverse Harem Fantasy series. Contains possible triggers, scenes of M/M & F/F

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