Chapter 1 of Pandora’s Box

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Copyright © Eve Newton, 2020

Chapter 1


I stand on the frozen ground, completely stunned as I look out around the white landscape. I shiver and it’s not only because of the cold.

“What did you do?” Killian asks as he strides towards me.

“What makes you think I had anything to do with this?” I reply, mock wounded.

“You are trouble, Princess,” he says with a sigh and rubs his hand over his face.

“Well, not going to argue with that but this wasn’t me.”

“Can you fix it?” he asks earnestly.

I understand his concern. We have just put Hell under lockdown. Throwing a different climate at them with no prior warning and one where the majority of them don’t even know what snow is, isn’t the best thing to have happened today.

“Not sure,” I murmur as I spot a Demon walking towards us.

She is a female, with light blonde hair and as she gets closer, I see her ice-blue eyes linger on Killian for a minute before they land on me. She gives me a thorough appraisal that kind of makes me wish I was naked, instead of bundled up in fighting gear and my huge coat.

“Our Queen, right?” she asks me before she turns back to Killian. “Killian. Nice to see you again.”

I narrow my eyes at her and step a little bit closer to my male, just in case she decides to get any ideas about jumping on him right in front of me.

“Xavi,” Killian says with a brief nod in her direction. Then, he looks back at me blandly, which makes me want to giggle like an idiot.

He absolutely has no clue that this female would do him in a heartbeat if he gave the word.

She looks at me and holds her hand out. “Xavier, Your Majesty. Horseman of Pestilence.”

I balk at her openly.

I never really thought about Pestilence as a gorgeous, blue-eyed, blonde female before. I’d kind of expected a skanky Demon with pustules and shit all over his face.

Just shows you how wrong you can be.

I reach out for her hand and grip it tightly, giving her a once-over that she cracks an icy smile at.

“Not what you expected?”

“Not at all,” I admit.

“I get that a lot.”

“I bet,” I murmur.

She releases my hand. “I have returned from my assignment on Earth. I think you will be incredibly pleased with the outcome of the pandemic sweeping across the globe.”

“Hm, I’m sure.”

“I could tell you all about it over a drink,” she says, stepping a bit closer.

I gaze into her astonishing eyes. “I can read the report that you give to Roberta,” I say, wondering what the Hell she is up to. She is now looking at me like she wants to eat out my pussy, and while I wouldn’t say ‘no’, I’m not sure my males would appreciate it. Killian especially, as I hear him let out a low rumble when Xavier reaches out to pull my coat apart and dips her finger into my cleavage.

“Where is the fun in that?” she purrs.

“Hands off, Xavi,” Killian growls at her, giving her a not-so-gentle shove backwards.

She raises her perfect eyebrow at him before understanding dawns. “I see,” she murmurs, leaning in closer to me again. “Come and find me if you want that drink.”

“I don’t chase.”

“Don’t expect you have to. I’ll be easy to find.”

With that said, she disappears in an icy whirlwind of strong sulfur-smelling smoke, leaving me madly curious, a little bit sweaty and definitely turned on.

I give Killian a bright smile and loop my arm through his. “We need to gather the troops and sort out this mess.”

He nods briskly and before I can flame us back to my bedroom, he sends us to another room down the hall with a bolt of lightning that I swear he made hit me on my ass in the process.


“What?” I snap at him, shaking my arm loose.

“I have never been a possessive male, Princess, but seeing you out there flirting with Xavi has brought out a primal instinct in me that I didn’t think existed,” he snarls.

I try not to laugh.

He seems so pissed off about it, poor Horseman.

I take off my coat now that we are back indoors and fold my arms. “Jealous?” I taunt him.

He grabs me by my shoulders, dragging me to him. “Yes,” he spits out. “Happy?”

“Very,” I murmur. “I feel the same about you.” I drop my defensive stance and reach up to place my hand on the back of his neck. “I want to brand you with my initial like a fucking steer, so that everyone knows that you belong to me.”

His eyes flash dangerously. “Try it and see what happens,” he rasps darkly.

I can’t resist a challenge. His whole attitude is turning me on badly now after already being lit up by Xavier.

I give him a triumphant smile as I bring the fires of Hell to the hand resting on his neck.

He grunts and drops to his knees as I exert more pressure on him.

“That’s it, baby. Kneel for me. I own you and now everyone will know.”

I pull my hand away and admire my handiwork. A nice big red ‘A’ has been burnt into his skin for all eternity.

“Bitch,” he snarls at me and knocks me off my feet with one swipe of his huge arm.

“Fuck!” I roar as I hit the deck hard and then let out a whoosh of air as he lands on top of me, his face furious.

He fumbles with the zipper on my leather pants, which only riles me up further. I push my hips up, ready for some action, but he slams me back down, with both of his hands. He grabs the top of my pants and drags them down.

The spark in my blood is something that excites me, but at the same time, that teeny tiny pang of fear at the look on his face makes me fight against him.

“Hold still, Princess,” he growls. “You want to brand me? See how you like it when I brand your pussy with my initial and your other lovers have to stick their dick in it knowing that I possess you.”

“Fuck you!” I screech like a banshee. No way is he getting his fucking hands on me, treating me like his bitch.

I struggle underneath him, and I’m seriously impressed by his strength. He has been around since Hell began, as he said, he’s inevitable. But he shouldn’t be able to hold me for long.

With my pants down my thighs, I scream in his face and flame out to my bedroom, only to find to my utter disgust that not only am I still on the floor, but he came with me because he was touching me. What the actual fuck? I can flame out solo even if someone is hanging on to me for dear life.

“Asshole!” I snarl.

“Told you, darlin’, you’re strong but my power is as connected to this place as yours is. Now hold still!”

“Fuck! You!” I shout, squirming to get away from him.

“Annie?” Devlin asks, peering over the side of the bed with a serious case of bedhead affecting his usually careful spiked-up hair. “What? Get the fuck off her!” He climbs off the bed, completely naked, a semi bouncing in front of him.

“Oh no,” Killian says with victory flashing in his eyes as he places his palm over my pussy.

I hiss, arching my back as his hand heats up and the smell of burning flesh hits my nose.

“Bastard,” I growl as he smirks at me,

He removes his hand and I look down to see he has in fact burned a ‘K’ on my mound.

I smirk back. “That’ll be gone in a second.”

He raises his eyebrow at me and looks down.

I wait.

Devlin waits, mouth agape.

It doesn’t heal.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I rant as I get to my feet and drag my pants back up, high enough to walk over to the mirror. “How the fuck?” I stare at my perfect pussy in the mirror that is now branded.

“Tit for tat,” Killian says, sneaking up behind me and placing his hands on my shoulders. “Now we belong to each other in a way that is irrefutable.”

“How?” I ask again, baffled by how he has managed to hurt me.

He kisses the top of my head as the other males, now all fully awake and functional after our tussle, grimace at my reflection in the mirror.

I deftly zip up my pants and turn to face them.

“Glad you’re all awake,” I say, ignoring the branding on the pussy for now. “Shit has hit the fan. We need to talk. Meet me in the Dining Hall in ten minutes.” I give Killian a scathing look. “I’m going to shower.”

I stalk off to the en-suite before anyone has a chance to say anything, and slam the door behind me.

I snap my fingers and stand in front of the mirror naked. I shake my head and then shrug.

Well, I guess he did warn me about seeing what would happen if I branded him. Did he know that a mark from his hand would stay on my skin, though? That is the burning question, pardon the pun.

After he marked me back, he didn’t seem all that pissed about it. If anything, he seemed pleased that we had done this to each other.

I sigh as I don’t want to think too deeply about it. He is probably just glad to have been able to reinforce his position as the Alpha male around here. It probably doesn’t have anything to do with his parting words to me, which if I think about too much, will only make me regret it.

“Damn you,” I mutter, wishing that he wasn’t a Demon and that I could actually damn him. “You are going to hurt me, aren’t you?”

I turn from the mirror and step into the shower, turning on the jets full blast and scorching hot. The bathroom steams up quickly, but I don’t feel the heat on my skin.

Cold? Now that’s a different story and if Shax had anything to do with this, I will kick his ass back down here so fast his head will spin. Then, I’ll chain him up in the dungeon so that he can never leave again and fuck with my domain.

If he didn’t have anything to do with it, then…I sigh again. “Where are you, bro? I fucking need you.”

I place my head on the tiles for a brief moment and then draw in a deep breath. I straighten up, clean off. When I step out of the shower minutes later, I’m back to my old self and, picking up Babe, I stride forward, ready to fix this problem the only way I know how, by being a ruthless badass with the power of Hell on my side.

I mean…how hard can it be?


Pre-Order for release, August 24th: Pandoras Box (will be available in KU)

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