This is taken from Chapter 4 from To’Kah’s POV – CONTAINS EXPLICIT MATERIAL SUITABLE FOR OVER 18’S ONLY 



I am a greedy son-of-a-bitch, but I don’t care. Now that I am free to be with Delinda, I just need to be with her all of the time. Touching her. Kissing her. Biting her ripe nipples. Sliding into her wet pussy. Thrusting. Pounding.

“Fuck,” I breathe out as I come again inside her, shooting my load deep into her, as I push her hips into the bed. “I need to do it again.”

“Erm,” Rex says, tapping me on the shoulder. “You’ve been there through three of your own orgasms. I suggest giving someone else a chance.”

“Can’t. Help. It,” I pant as I speed up again, already rock-hard and needing a release. “Need her.”

“So do we,” he mutters.

She giggles underneath me. “One more and then you have to share,” she says.

“Done,” I pant, slamming my hips against her. I feel her clench around me for the fifth time. She is fucking amazing. She feels like heaven and I never want to leave her. “Oh, Delly.”

She squeezes my ass hard and wraps her legs around me. I know she is going to roll us over so that her body is accessible to the other two men. That’s fine. I am inside her and that’s all I care about right now.

She does as I expect, and they are on her in the next second. Tweaking her nipples. Kissing her. Ravaging her body with their hands and mouths.

“Yes,” I pant as she rides me harder and harder. “Perfect. Just perfect.” I groan as I come again so quickly, I didn’t get a chance to make sure she did as well.

She slows the movement of her hips, riding me slowly through what feels like a never-ending climax. My balls are so tight. My heart is pounding. There is a fire in my veins.

Then she is gone.

Lifted off me by her Alpha husband who slams into her so hard, the bed rocks under the force of it.

She laughs, but she loves it. “Easy, tiger,” she chuckles at him. “I will always be here.”

“Thank fuck for that,” Rex grunts, coming inside her already. “Not enough. I need more.”

“I have more than one hole,” she says, making us all groan in response.

Since we found out that she is pregnant, we have taken her one at a time, not wanting to hurt her or the baby.

Now that she is giving us the go ahead, we don’t fail to comply.

We intend on filling all of her holes at once, and I want her hot tongue wrapped around my cock so that I can come in her mouth and have her swallow it.

Rex falls back to the bed with her on top of him, giving Pres access to her ass. It seems to be his thing. He eagerly gets into position, delving his fingers into her dripping pussy to lube up her ass before he drills her so hard, she screams.

Rex is back inside her the second Pres’s fingers are out and together they rock her almost off the bed.

She screams with ecstasy while I climb off the bed and watch her for a moment, her nipples so tight they appear ready to pop. I reach out and flick one before I suck it into my mouth, grinding my teeth around it gently making her moan.

“I love you,” she whispers, her eyes closed against this onslaught.

“I love you,” I say to her before I stand up straight and position my cock at her mouth. She opens like a good girl and sucks me so hard I am about to burst again. No woman has ever done this to me before. I expect that no woman ever could. Not that I will try to find out. I am in this completely and I won’t ever let her go now that I have her.

Her tongue slides down my length, her teeth gliding over me gently, her lips working their way up and down. Her hand joins her mouth, and it’s too much. My cum floods her mouth as I roar with desire, gripping the back of her head to make sure she takes it all.

She pops her mouth off me and swallows, licking her lips and firing up my engines again.

Fuck. How does she do this to me?



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