Excerpt from Arathia (The Daughters of Forever, Vol. 1)

*Subject to copyright by Eve Newton and possible changes due to edit.

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Chapter One


““Ack!” I shriek and sit bolt up right, my eyes flying open. I feel the chill as I pass through the ghost that is my best friend, before he has the time to pull back. His frown is fierce when he moves back as quickly as if he was on fire. He hates that. “What are you doing?” I ask Sebastian.

“Thia,” he says, trying not to sound cold.

I don’t take it personally. He is a moody man at the best of times.

“I was sleeping,” I huff at him and jump off the bed, onto the other side of the room so as to keep myself as far away from him as possible. Not just for his sake, but for mine. The closer I am to him, the more I want to touch him, kiss him, have his hands roam all over my body… “Ahem.” I clear my throat, my cheeks flaming as I try to rein in my lustful thoughts. He is the most forbidden man on the planet. Not just because he is a ghost, for goodness sake’s, but because he has slept with both my mother and my father! I couldn’t have picked a worse man to have fallen in love with if I had tried. I huff out another breath and give him a cold stare. He narrows his eyes at me, unsure why I am so annoyed with him. Why did he have to be that man? Why couldn’t he have been her man?

“Everything okay?” he inquires sweetly, that French accent sending a delightful shiver down my spine.

“Yes,” I snap and stamp my foot in a display of tantrum worthy of my two year old brother. Constantine Junior, is nothing but a little firecracker. I can’t help the fond smile that passes across my face as I picture him, tearing through the castle, the spitting image of their father, with their mother chasing after him, yelling at him to behave. “Sorry,” I then add, my mood tempered with the thoughts of my darling C.J. “I was…thinking.”

“I thought you were sleeping?” he points out, with a raised eyebrow.

“Uhm.” I lick my lips, having been caught in the lie. “I was thinking before I fell asleep,” I add quickly.

“Okay,” he drawls. “About what?”

“What did you want?” I divert. “You were hovering over me.” I point an accusing finger at him as I blow my light blonde hair out of my eyes.

“Ah yes,” he says, as if he had forgotten his creepy actions. “I wondered if you had managed to come up with a way to make me whole again.” He asks this as if he didn’t just ask me yesterday, or the day before, or the day before that.

“Humph,” I pout at him. “Is that the only reason you are friends with me?”

The challenge annoys him. Good.

His eyes flash fire as he approaches me. “You know that is bullshit, Thia. Don’t ever think that.”

My shoulders sag. “Sorry,” I mumble again. “I don’t think that.”

He nods regally and I mentally roll my eyes at him. He can be so pompous at times. He definitely learned that from my father, amongst many, many things that I both adore and loathe.

“Look, I may have a solution, but I need more time to think about it,” I say, without thinking it through. I shouldn’t have said it. I shouldn’t give him hope when I just don’t know.

He speeds up to me, his face contorted into one of pain and delight. “How? When? Now?” he spits out, his hands just near my arms, constricted into claws because he can’t grip me and shake me as he wants so badly to do.

“No, not now.” I shake my head sadly, needing him to get off that idea, pronto. “And I don’t know. I told you, I need more time to think.”

“But what is it?” he pleads with me.

I agitatedly wring my hands and feel my fangs drop. It happens when I am anxious or nervous or cross. Right now, I am all of the above. Sebastian sees them and backs off, holding his hands up. He knows me so well. Oh, why can’t he be mine?

I shake my head to rid it of that thought. The Vampire in me is close to the surface and she is a bit of a bitch. I cringe at the word. I hate cursing. There is way too much of it in this house. Being part Vampire, part Dragon, part Dark Fae and part human doesn’t mix well. Sure, it makes me one of the most powerful creatures on Earth. I repeat, on Earth, but it also makes me volatile. I have had twenty-one years to try and figure out a way for all of the forms of magic to co-habit harmoniously, but with little success.  Case and point is the ghost of Sebastian Gautier hovering in front of me worriedly. I brought him back from the dead to learn about my father. His Vampire sire. The man who turned him into a Vampire, doted on him, loved him for nearly three thousand years before they fought over my mother and he killed his beloved boy. My mother is no innocent in all of this sordid history. She fell in love with Sebastian, they were Fae lovers, Light and Dark, destined for greatness, but of course it didn’t work out because of her love for my father.

But, I digress. My point is that my magick sucks. Big time. All I had wanted was some dreams, a vision or two, or maybe happen upon some old journals that he wrote telling me about his life. I did not expect to drag some poor soul out of the Spirit Realm to give me a first hand account of Constantine’s life. No one knows this, of course. As far as they all know, including said poor soul, thinks it was intentional. I am too embarrassed and scared to tell them otherwise. I’d rather face my mother’s wrath than her pity or scorn. So this is why I feel responsible for him now. Why I feel so obliged to help him. He is desperately unhappy. He can’t eat, sleep, drink blood or have sex. I don’t get the last two. I drink blood mixed with milk. It’s all I need. I have never drank straight from a human and I never will.  Yuck! And the sex… I heave a massive sigh. Well, I don’t get what all the fuss is about and I won’t until I am happily married to a man I love. Why my mother needs two men to make her happy is a bone of contention between us that has always stuck a wedge in our relationship. Don’t get me wrong. I like Frederick. Love him even. He was a substitute for my father, until I brought him back from the Romani gypsy curse that he fell into when my mother fell pregnant with my sister, Savannah. There is more to that story, but no one ever told me and likely never will. To protect me. I sneer. Then blink as Seb is looking at me like I’ve lost my mind.

“Sorry,” I mutter again.

“Stop apologizing!” he shouts at me, frustrated. “Fuck’s sake, you are your mother’s daughter!”

I glare at him for yelling at me and he gives me that imperious look back. I sigh and shrug. “It’s just a theory, but I may be able to get your essence into another body, okay?”

Sebastian blinks at me slowly as he takes that in. “Another body? I’d look different?”

I splutter in indignation. “That’s your biggest concern?” What about the poor soul I have to squash in order to do it?

He, at least, has the grace to look abashed by that. “Sorry,” he mutters. “A Vampire though? Right? One sired by your father?”

I let out a whoosh of air as it feels like I was punched in the gut. Everything always comes back to my father. “No,” I say coldly. “A human. It won’t work on a higher being.” I straighten my back and lift my chin. Why do I continue to let myself be hurt by this…ghost?

“Oh,” he says deflated. “Then you’ll ask him? To sire me once it’s done?”

I take a step backwards as the hits just keep on coming. Oh, why did I ever mention this?

“I shan’t,” I say slowly.

“But, I can’t live as a human!” he expostulates, wringing his hands.

“Better than being a ghost!” I shout back, suddenly very angry. “You are being very ungrateful, Sebastian.” And if he wanted to be a Vampire, why not ask me? Okay, sure, I’ve never even bitten a human, let alone turned one, but it would have been nice to be asked.

“I’m sorry, Thia. I know I am. Thank you for coming up with this plan. I am most grateful,” Sebastian says contritely, looking up at me from lowered eyes. But, I can see the mechanics behind those soulful green eyes. He will ask my father to do it anyway, and I am sure that Constantine will agree. Why wouldn’t he, to get his precious boy back? I feel sick and I have to sit down suddenly.

“I—I need to be alone, to think about things,” I state, needing him to go away. I don’t think straight around him and all of this talk is making my head pound.

“Of course,” he says jovially and floats away, light as air.

Meanwhile, the pit of my stomach feels like lead. Now that it’s out there, I am going to have to follow through. But, the thought of killing a human soul so that Seb can keep the body, turns my stomach in somersaults.  If only there was a way to get him into a dead body. Yuck! That thought turns my stomach even more. What then? What is the solution? I need Sebastian’s body, but it has long ago disintegrated to ash. So how can I get it back?

I blink and sit up straight. Not get it back, per se, but just get it. The past! I need to go back to the past and get him. Shove this spirit into him. It will work because it is his own body, his essence wants to be united so it will work, I just know it! The only problem now, is how do I go back to the past? I know my mother used to be able to do it when she was a Dragon, but as my Dragon isn’t that strong, I don’t know if I will have that ability. Maybe Delinda can help me?

I hear a whine outside my door and I rush to it to let in Lincoln. The giant black Wolf pads into the room, walks around me in a circle and jerks his head towards the window. He wants to go out. I could do with a walk and some fresh air as well. All of this thinking has given me a headache.”

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